I wholeheartedly commend Siobhian for the forthcoming Holyrood election. Before I met her, I knew of her efforts locally to support the vulnerable community members and since her election as a Councillor, I have been impressed with her determination to help everybody who asks. She has enviable amounts of energy which she shares between being a committed mum, wife and her public service. Her selfless work throughout the pandemic including the establishment of “Looking Out for each other - Ayr” is typical of her modus operandi. I know Siobhian will have all our backs as our MSP.

Joanne Atkinson Joanne Atkinson Ayr resident


I have known Siobhian for just over 6 years. I have been extremely impressed by her passion for South Ayrshire and Scotland. She has been an outstanding Councillor for South Ayrshire, always taking the lead and championing what she think will benefit the community and our towns. I think Siobhian will make a positive difference to South Ayrshire. Siobhian is passionate, enthusiastic and experienced to take on the challenges as our MSP, what a great asset she would make for us all in South Ayrshire.

Alan Beck Alan Beck Prestwick resident


Siobhian Brown has proved herself to be an outstanding, compassionate and hardworking Councillor. As a mother with a young family she is in a good position to know what is important to our local young people and old alike. She is approachable and accountable. Always replying to my emails on community matters promptly and with accurate information. I know Siobhian will make an exceptional MSP and I for one will be very grateful for her selfless dedication.

Gillian Cowan Gillian Cowan Ayr resident


I first met Siobhian professionally through her role on the SAC Licensing Board. During my years as a Premises Manager, Siobhian was very easy to approach when asking about current laws and guidelines. I am delighted that Siobhian is putting herself forward as an MSP as I know she works tirelessly as a Councillor and has campaigned long and hard for changes to the aesthetics of Ayr and issues that are close to all our hearts. She cares about us and the town. I am 100% sure she will bring this dedication to parliament.

George Cameron George Cameron Prestwick Resident


Siobhian is a well kent, much valued member or our community, actively fundraising and campaigning for local charities and community groups before even becoming a councillor. Since becoming a local councillor, she has consistently gone beyond what is expected of our local representatives. She helps countless struggling families through the South Ayrshire Babybank which she set up in 2016. During Covid lockdown she mobilised a volunteer community group to support vulnerable individuals; she organises and participates in local litter picks and helped secure funding for projects to improve the water quality at Ayr beach. Siobhian's hard work and commitment to individuals, communities , nature and the environment mean she is my first choice of political candidate to represent us at Holyrood,

Catriona Hawthorn Catriona Hawthorn Ayr resident


We are delighted to learnt that Siobhian is a candidate for the Holyrood 2021 election, We need an MSP who has a track record in working hard to the better of local community, who really appreciates the specific issues of Ayr, Prestwick and Troon and someone who has the energy and commitment to make positive change. It is important that our MSP believes Scotland’s future lies in a strong, forward thinking, independent country.

That's Siobhian Brown. She has the passion and pride in our local community and has shown real resilience as she has worked hard on projects that positively affect our lives in South Ayrshire. We trust her do what is right for our family and our local community. Siobhian has our vote as the best person to represent the people of Ayr, Prestwick and Troon at our parliament.

Murray & Sasha Ratcliffe Murray & Sasha Ratcliffe Local residents


I've known Siobhian for over 4 years. She was one of the magnificent seven volunteers trying to save/buy Malcolm Sargent House in Prestwick and helping to establish the charity Whitleys Retreat. Her hard work, dedication and honesty as an established councillor means she would be an ideal person to stand for MSP of Prestwick.

Billy Herd Billy Herd Charity Champion and Prestwick resident


We need an MSP with a deep affection for the constituency, an understanding of local issues and a proven track record. As a councillor, Siobhian has worked tirelessly in the interest of her constituents. She listens to their concerns, gets things done and keeps them in the picture through regular and clear communication precisely the qualities that qualify her to be our MSP. Ayr has little to show for 20 years of Tory representation at Holyrood. Siobhian is just the person to change that sorry record and I heartily commend her to represent us.

Michael Warren Michael Warren Retired teacher, Ayr


I have known Siobhian for several years through her charity volunteering. Siobhan's drive and determination has always inspired me. She gives 100% to everything she does. She has been a fabulous councillor, working tirelessly for the people of South Ayrshire. I cant think of anyone more suitable to represent Ayr, Prestwick and Troon next year at the election.

Eileen Connaughton-McCarthy Eileen Connaughton-McCarthy MBE Prestwick


Siobhian and I met in June 2016. Siobhian is a highly energetic, hardworking and tenacious individual with a strong passion in the needs of her local community. We volunteered together in the campaign to #SaveMSH and #BuyMSH which consequently resulted in the creation of the local charity, Whiteleys Retreat. Siobhian is an honest and trustworthy character and I am truly honoured to call her my friend. I am apolitical and I believe in choosing the right person for the job no matter what! Siobhian is most definitely the right person! She will listen to what the community needs and do whatever she possibly can to help each and everyone at all times. Her heart lies always in her local community.

Maxine Allan Maxine Allan Founder and CEO Whiteleys Retreat


There were difficulties with the initial walks that Richard and I did. Ayr wasn't ready for a history on the hoof. Accessing buildings meant we had to fill out forms and pay staff overtime. This all changed after Siobhian attended her first walk. Doors literally opened easily after that. On subsequent tours, visiting important, but less frequented areas of the town, the crowd of 40 or more would walk through a grimy lane or an overgrown but rarely used carpark. Siobhian would be horrified. By the next tour she and others had personally cleared and cleaned the area. I am apolitical, the reason I would back Siobhian is simple. Most politicians turn the light on themselves at every chance. She'll keep the light on Ayr by taking the initiative and getting her hands dirty behind the scenes.

Ken Nairn Ken Nairn Remembering Auld Ayr


I have lived in Ayrshire all my life and in Ayr for the past 16 years. I have known Siobhian for over 20 years and I have never questioned her integrity, loyalty, kindness and most important, her honesty. I think she is absolutely the most perfect candidate for the position. Siobhian is local and 100% committed to bettering our lives. I am more than happy to endorse Siobhian as our MSP.

Kenneth McCutcheon Kenneth McCutcheon Ayr resident